Breathe. Practice. Repeat.


Firefly began when Nickki followed her dreams and opened a yoga studio in Wichita, Kan., to share the gift of yoga with others. One location turned into two, and now, Nickki has decided to share her yoga experience and passion with students around the country. Nickki currently resides in Denver and teaches yoga locally. She also guest teaches yoga workshops at various locations throughout the United States and holds annual international yoga retreats. See where Nickki will be teaching next here


Nickki is a student and teacher of yoga. From the first time she stepped on her mat in Denver, Co., she knew she was about to embark on a special journey. What began as a physical practice became so much more, and she was hooked.

Nickki completed her first 200-RYT training in 2009, a second through YogaWorks in 2013 and is currently working toward her 500-hour certification. She is grateful to have studied with world-renowned teachers, and has been influenced by Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Dice & Bri and Noah Maze among others during her yoga journey.  

After traveling to India in March 2012 to study with international instructors, she continues to deepen her personal practice daily. Her connection to yoga is mental and physical, always grateful that yoga continues to be the solid rock in life. She also uses yoga as a cross-training sport to compliment the half marathon, full marathon and triathlon races in which she competes. Her wish is that everyone who shares their yoga practice with her will find his or her own unique connection to yoga.




Nickki chose the name Firefly because it's a challenging pose for her that serves as a constant reminder that we are all students. We all have poses that push us both mentally and physically, a beautiful quality of yoga.

Firefly yoga is a balance of challenge and playfulness, stepping out of your comfort zone yet respecting and honoring your body and making your yoga practice a time to build physical strength as well as mental awareness. 

I approach yoga with an open mind and an open heart. My practice and my teachings are very playful as well as alignment-based, and I encourage students to step out of their comfort zones often. At the end of every class I teach, I ask my students to be grateful for the strong, healthy bodies that we have been given; to be grateful for a place that we can come together and practice; and to be grateful for the blessings of another day.
— Nickki, Firefly Yoga teacher and owner

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